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$ 419.99

$ 419.99

sale the laser stroke of 5000mw

sale the laser stroke of 5000mw


The public blue laser pen is a diode laser, which is actually a special type of transistor or diode.The unique feature of light is 5000MW laser, which is magnified by 100, 100 through the eyes.Light passes to the eye, the retina, where we see behind the horizon.A small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum that the eye actually sees is the short cosmic ray energy to the long wave radio.We only see red from purple.Infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) are the abilities we see outside.Eyes are most sensitive to yellow-green light (550nm).At the same power, the red light of 670nm is only 3% bright.

The FDA requires the labels of most laser products to be warned about the dangers of laser radiation, as well as the reports of the laser and FDA safety guidelines.The label must also indicate power and dangerous types of products.Mainstream laser products is usually a class I, II, IIIA, while commercial laser can be in Ⅲ b type and IV.In New York, it’s illegal to sell 1,000 mw laser light.Shortly after the city council passed the law in 1998, 12 jewish boys bought a pointer to a booth in Manhattan and found that it had come up with a special committee, the projection image swastika.

The laser pointer is used as a tool for reporting objects or locations, and is defined as “topographic laser products, training and calibration”, under FDA regulation.They are usually used in meetings and astronomical presentations and are also popular with the mix of brain and hand tools.In recent years, laser Pointers have become easy to sell, typically at hardware stores, pets, leisure and office supplies.However, laser Pointers are embraced in some cases, especially those pets.

The most powerful personal laser is always available with very high brightness, which is more suitable for long time projection distance and positioning, and difficult operating environment.With the best green laser diode, this type of laser pointer is always available with very stable, stable output power points, compact size and easy installation.Jim moso, director of PetHealthStore in Manhattan, said his store sold more than a dozen laser Pointers in about six to eight weeks.”People came and asked specifically for them,” he said.M moso says he used to sway his apartment with his own small laser to simulate an adventure game with his German shepherd.His dog has died, but both of his cats are keen on the red beam.


When purchasing, the pointer power laser online store, please select one that will work best for you.If you need a laser pointer to your cat or dog to hunt, what you really want is a pen of green laser.What’s more important to you is the quality of the laser.If you want to use the safety and ultra-bright lasers for astronomical applications, go to a green laser pen, and power range, recommended for 30mW – 100mW. Now, once you’ve decided how much power you need for the laser pointer, your next decision is the color of the laser.Red laser Pointers are usually cheaper than other colors.You can even buy a red laser pointer with a good bill, and use a AAA battery to get to the $5.99 in our store.The green laser pointer is usually more expensive, often 10 to 20 times more expensive than the red laser, but the green beam is much longer.The green laser appears to be about 80 times brighter than the red laser beam with the same power.The reason is simple – the human eye is 80 times as red, green, and more sensitive, so the green beam looks brighter at the same power.
Green is the most visible color because all its beams can be seen by the human eye.But users should make sure they find a laser.Otherwise, they may cause damage to their eyes.Keep in mind that the laser pointer can be both useful and interesting laser stroke of 5000mW.The first laser pointer is available in red three colors.But as technology improves and manufacturers have been able to safely make laser Pointers to other wavelengths, several colors become available.Each different color laser pointer is best suited for different purposes.



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